How to install Unreal Engine Plugins


Installing Unreal Engine plugins is really simple. There are 2 ways to install a plugin: 

  • Directly to the Engine
  • To a single project

There are of course a lot of Pros & Cons for each one of them, that we are going to get over in this blog post.

Directly to Engine

This is the most used method for Plugins because it's the default option for Plugins bought from the Marketplace. In that case, you can install the plugin with just 2 clicks, but first, let's review the Pros & Cons.


  • Install them once use them in all your projects
  • Easily switch them on and off for any projects
  • Consistency with Unreal modules


  • Need to wait for plugin update when the version changes.
  • Version control can go wrong (other users might not have the plugin/ different versions)
  • You should not change the plugin's code because it will affect all projects.

Installing Plugins to engine bought from Marketplace:

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher 
  2. Open the Unreal Engine tab and go to Library
  3. Inside the Vault section, search for the plugin you want to add
  4. Click 'Install to Engine'
  5. Select desired Engine Version and click 'Install'

Steps to install plugin to engine from Marketplace

 Installing Plugins to engine bought from other sources:

  1. Download the zip files for the plugin. 
  2. Go the Plugins directory of the Engine version you want to install the plugin to (example: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Plugins)
  3. Optional: Create Your 'Category' Folder (Unreal Marketplace defaults to 'Marketplace', you can use that one)
  4. Inside the 'Plugins' (or the folder you created or Marketplace) folder unzip the plugin downloaded.

To a single Project

This is the default method for plugins that are created by the user. This way the plugins used inside your project are directly bound the used project.


  • You are not populating all your project with all the plugins you install 
  • Simple and safe to use version control
  • Ability to modify each plugin to a project's need without affecting the others.


  • You need to update all the plugins inside your project if you switch the engine version one by one
  • Each project requires you to install the plugin again.
  • Your project's code will get a lot of extra folders that you will need to manage.

Installing to projects

(Also we a special page with install instructions for our plugins)

  1. Download the zip files for the plugin. 
  2. Go inside your project's root folder (where your .uproject file is)
  3. Create a 'Plugins' folder
  4. Unzip your plugin inside.