General Support & How-to

How to install plugin to project

Step 1: Download Files

The very first thing you need to do is to download the files. You can find the link the email you've got from the order you placed.

Step 2: Finish download

Once the download is complete you will find a Zip file at the bottom of your browser

Step 3: Open Project Folder

Now you will have to navigate to your project folder and create a new folder with the name "Plugins"

Step 4: Extract the plugin to folder

Now you can extra the content of the zip and move the corresponding plugin version to the Engine folder (ex: If you use UE 4.21 us the Plugin-4.21 file

Step 5: Launch & Finish

All you need to do now is to launch your project as usually and the following dialog box will show up. Hit 'Yes' and your setup is complete.