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What is Clean Project?

Clean Project is an editor plugin to keep your project clean and your productivity up. It allows you to check asset dependency and report what assets are used or not in your project.


What does the plugin consist of?

The plugin has a single editor-only module that adds the functionality in your Project Options and Asset actions. All the commands are integrated into the normal Unreal Engine as well all know it.


How can it help you?

You can improve the packing size for your final build - especially useful for mobile game or huge projects. Also, you can check what assets can be safely removed at any time and request a report with all unused assets.



  • Removed all unused assets from your project with 2 clicks
  • Check the dependencies of maps & assets inside your project
  • Reduce the build size of your builds
  • Create hierarchy reports for all unreferenced assets


Code Modules:

  • Editor: Add the commands inside your Asset Actions Menu and Project Options so you can easily access them like any other editor functionality.



  • Number of Blueprints: 0
  • Number of C++ Classes: 2
  • Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac, Linux